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Au Courant

Definition: in the current. I decided to title this post in this fashion because a current event has inspired me to create this blog. First, though, let me explain why I titled the blog itself.

“Innovative Stimulus” means for me to creatively act in a manner in which I wouldn’t have thought of beforehand. For example, the reason I began this blog. I was attempting to make hamburgers for dinner, which didn’t turn out so well. Instead, though, Tim (my boyfriend) and I decided to make a more contemporary hamburger. We browned the meat as you would for tacos and melted cheese on top. We then placed it on the bread and called it the Sloppy Bo. Therefore, this ultimately leads me to the title of this blog. A current event (au courant) has inspired me to create something new.

This is how I intend to further my blog posts. I will show my fellow bloggers and the rest of the world how to, as they say, “make lemonade out of lemons.” Hopefully, it will be successful….if not, who cares? At least we all learn something along the way!!