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Hi! My name is Elyssa…most people just prefer to call me Lyss. I am a twenty year old young woman with so much to share in this life. I’ve been through so much, but I always try to find a positive way out. I have an entertaining personality (as my friends tend to describe me) and I love to have fun and try new things in life. My motto is to always have an open mind because it will also open your heart.

I love photography and the world around it and I am determined to capture everything I can! I have proven to be quite efficient in portraits, but I am currently attempting to improve my skills as a well-rounded photographer with landscapes, macros, and artistic pieces. In my quest for new information, I am attending the Art Institute of Tampa as a digital photography major. I am going for a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and will graduate in 2012. Hopefully, this will entertain my thirst for knowledge in the photography world and I will be able to ascertain a lucrative career while entertaining my hobbies as well.

I love to be creative and I try to change the world around me with my creativity, hence the purpose of this blog. My blog will be about the ways I attempt to correct and learn from my mistakes, as well as crafty ventures I come up with out of shear boredom. I will also explore new ways to be inspired, describe the things that inspire me the most, and share the some of the new things I have learned in art school so far.  Hopefully, this blog will inspire someone else to positively change their surroundings with creativity. If so, then my job is done!

If you would like to learn more about my crazy world and how I tend to survive in it, here are some options:

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and hopefully you will recommend me to your friends! Thanks for reading and have a great time being inspired to be creative in your own world!


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