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Welcome back to my blog! As I promised, I am creating more posts for your entertainment and creative experiences! The inspiration for today’s post came from a site I was viewing titled It’s Nice That. The site is somewhat of an online gallery and the author explores all types of artists, photographers, and designers. While viewing some of the designs from graphic designers and pieces from fine artists, I saw plenty of pieces that reminded me of things I’ve just learned in my first quarter of art school (which just ended by the way). I was very proud of myself to be able to notice the types of work that I saw and I was even able to compare one artist to another that I had heard of. This inspired me to view more and more of the online gallery so that I could get a feel for different types of art and design.

After viewing so much of the site, I was inspired to create a new goal for myself: by the end of my third quarter, I will be able to cite at least 10 of my favorite artists and what their personal styles are. This goal will take a lot of work on my part because I will need to do a lot of research on different artists and studying the different styles and personal tastes of artists. I will need to continue what my principles of design instructor has already began: he gives us an assignment and he asks us to go online and view websites of artists that are related to that assignment. I think this is an awesome idea in order to expose myself to different aspects of art, design, and photography and it helped me to learn a great deal about varying styles.

So, with that being said, I think I will start off by showing you some of the art I saw on the It’s Nice That site. These pieces were both interesting and inspiring to me to create something new. We’ll see how that goes in the coming weeks! Anywho, here are the pieces that caught my eye…enjoy!

dominicwilcoxThis first piece is by Dominic Wilcox. I thought this idea was completely genuine, if not humorous. I always try to find things that are ironic or humorous, especially if there is some new idea included in it.

This piece is similar in that same fashion of humor and original ideas. It is a piece by Karl Toomey. The scale has celebrity names on it instead of numbers. Toomey also designed scales with animals or monsters on it instead of the numbers. I want one of these for myself! It’s such a cool idea and lightens up the idea of dieting and weighing yourself. celebscales_karl toomey This piece is also another one of the original idea types. It is a large clock created by Swedish designers Humans Since 1982. The clock is made up of 24 analog clocks  to act as a digital display using the clock hands to read the time. I didn’t quite get the photo at first, but once I read the description I felt like and idiot! I love different types of clocks and I especially love intriguing design pieces! This is something I would LOVE to have in my house!

clock_humansince1982 This photo is of pieces that ultimately form a chair. It is created by designer Eric Ku, who was inspired by contemporary artist Joseph Kosuth. This is titled Chair/Chair (Mission No. 2). It is a part of  Ku’s Mission Redefinition, in which he is exploring the idea of redefinition to a series of subjects through the application of graphic design. I think this is a great idea because I’m always trying to think of ways to redefine items in my world through photography.chairchair_eric kuI hope you enjoyed this post and the artists/designers featured in it! If you would like to view more, please visit the It’s Nice That site. Also, for more inspiring ideas, visit Inspired Magazine’s article on 40 Fresh Websites for Daily Visual Inspiration. There are plenty of ways to be inspired through each type of  application of art, design, and photography! Have a great time being inspired!



  1. very nice. where do you find inspiration?

    • Elyssa Baity Said:

      Nowhere, yet everywhere! I’ve learned the key is to allow inspiration to come to you instead of chasing it. I just make sure to constantly surround myself with things that I love or I’m interested in!

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